St George Representatives 

St George District Netball Association has a rich and proud

history of developing players to be the best they possibly can be. 



St George have many teams competing in tournaments (State League), like many netball associations, to increase the opportunities and provide a regular competition against other associations for our players. The starting point of Representative Netball is St George Junior Representatives (REPS).

Through our representative team program, players make great friends while having fun and developing their netball skills. St George has the following teams which compete at carnivals throughout the year.
  • Two U11's teams (U11 also known as Development Squad, do not compete at state age, instead they focus on improving the girls for following years, whilst competing in four carnivals throughout the year - this is the first stage of Representative Netball).
  • U12, U13, U14, U15 Representative Teams ( All teams compete at State Age NSW)

St George Netball Association hold selection trials for our representative teams.


Congratulations to the following Players who have been selected into St George District Netball Association's Representative and Development Teams.




Amber Parker - 13 Years Representative Team

Zoe Evans- 13 Years Representative Team

Kakala Harvey- 13 Years Representative Team


Previous Representations 


Emilyn Alamoti, Olivia Crowly, Zoe Evans, Alexia Grdanovski, Kakala Harvey, Wairere Nicholson,  Mia Stamoulis, Sylvia Talanoa, Ellenie Theodoropoulos


Sarah Bowley, Olivia Crowly, Zoe Evans, India Faber, Violet Gruppelaar, Kakala Harvey, Besseta Hijazi, Emily Kotevski, Rechelle Nagle, Amber Parker, Ellenie Theodoropoulos, Hannah Hijazi (Coach)


Reyana Aiche, Charlotte Bishop, Anika Cavar, Georgia Duncombe, Zali Fay, Klaudia Hecimovic, Sophie Hijazi, Chloe Jackson, Paige James, Talei Koroitamana, Liana Ian, Ambryn Murphy-Haua, Sylvia Talanoa, Lily Vimpany, Sienna Williams, Bill Bird (Coach)


Mary Alamoti, Charlotte Bishop, Anika Cavar, Sara Downie, Georgia Duncombe, Zali Fay, Klaudia Hecimovic, Talei Koroitamana, Bill Bird (Coach)


Charlotte Bishop, Zali Fay