Registration Details

Registration for the 2019 Season will open in the first few weeks of January and close the first week of February. 

Please come back here in January to register for the 2019 Season.





About the St George Competition

Games go for 4x 15 minute quarters with breaks of 3-5 minutes. Game times are either 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm or 3pm, with each age group receiving a time slot (and staying that time slot) all year round (excluding finals). Usually, younger teams start off with the 9am time slot, with seniors playing at 1:30pm and 3pm.  The competition at St George District Netball Association is graded; meaning all Junior and Senior age groups are graded into A-D grade. This allows for all players and teams to have a fair competition and play against players/teams of the same ability. Stronger players always enjoy the challenge of harder and faster competition. 




7 - 16 Years: Grading Day

As St George grades all teams submitted by clubs, Titans Netball Club grades our teams. To see why we grade our teams please click here. Grading Day will be advised early December for the following year. For more information about grading day (times, what to bring, etc) please click here.





All Net Set Go (7-8 years) and Junior teams (9 - 16 years) have weekly training which is held by the coach. All coaches are required to have a working with children check. Training is held at Olds Park, Penshurst. When the team trains will depend on the coach/team location, availability, and preference. Unfortunately, at the time of registration, we are not able to predict when coaches will hold their training session. When teams are formed, the coach will contact the 8-9 players and find a common, suitable training day. Senior teams, on the other hand, do not have weekly training sessions.




Net Set Go (7 - 8 years): Introduction to Netball

Please click here to view more information about the Net Set Go Program.

Registration Fees

Registration fees include: Registration with St George District Netball Association, registration with Netball NSW, Physiotherapist/First aid at Rockdale Netball Courts on Saturdays, Playing and training equipment, Presentation Day awards and gifts, umpiring fees and insurance through St George District Netball Association. Payment is due at time of registration. For people who are not able to pay the registration in full immediately, we do have payment plans available. If you are interested in signing up on a payment plan, please contact our club by email at TitansNetball@outlook.com