Player Sportsmanship Award

At Titans Netball Club, we teach all our players to conduct themselves with great sportsmanship at all times. Every year, at our Annual Presentation Day, 1 player per team is awarded The Banks Outstanding Achievement Award for a being an outstanding sportsperson. Players awarded these awards, have conducted themselves with fairness and respect for their teammates and opponents. This player gives it their all at both training and games. Receiving this award is a very special achievement. Congratulations to the following players who have received this award.



2016 Award Winners

Amber Parker
Annamaria Psaltis
Annie Saleh
Anuki Jayawardana
Bailee Guyer
Claire Harvey
Ellie Simmons
Georgina Bourtzos
Halle Booth
Liana Lan
Malia Ledua
Natasha Psaltis
Priyanka Tipnis
Siobhan Hurley
Vanessa Stojanoski
Violet Craven-Miller

2017 Award Winners

Angelina Konstantinidis
Ava Lozanovski
Chloe Jackson
Claudia Puljic
Diana Vassil
Elayna Karahalias
Emma Hurley
India Faber
Laisa Qoro
Lauren Vizy
Malia Ledua
Olivia Plomaritis
Rouya Deng
Ruby Salmon
Sophie Talbot
Taynesha Papalii
Violet Gruppelaar