A few parents have inquired about how grading works, and why we don't keep the exact same teams every year. Please refer to the below. 


Every year, Titans Netball grades all Junior Players based on our Grading Policy. We take into consideration previous playing experience, representative experience, coaching evaluations, and practical grading. 


Purpose of Grading

The purpose of grading is to grade girls based on their ability, to form multiple teams in each age group, ensuring all teams have a successful year with enough shooters, defence, and mid-courters. By grading players based on ability and playing positions, all players are ensured fair court time with players at the same ability, in a like-ability competition.


As a club, Titans graders are forced to change our teams every year.

Each year, we are forced to change our teams based on:

1 - We get many new players joining the club which need to be placed in teams

2 - Unfortunately, a few girls leave the club

3 - Representative Players (not development) must play a division higher than they normally would (ie Titans players selected into the 14s Representative team, must play in the 15/16A Competition)

4 - We need to change the team for St George's paper grading purposes. For example, if a team finishes 1st or 2nd in an 11B competition, they will be moved to the 12A competition the following year. To make all of our teams competitive, we need to make the team stronger to ensure they have a competitive year. Please note that competitive does not mean 'winning all games'.

5 - Changes of Player Ability. Players may be new to netball in 2018 and may be placed in a lower grade team. In 2019, after the player has 1-year experience and a general understanding of the rules, most players may have the potential to develop further, only if they are in the team players with the same ability. 

6 - Changes in Age Groups. A team may be made up of 13/14-year-olds in 2018. Half of the team may be required to stay in the 13/14 age group, whereas remaining team members may be required to move up to the 15/16 age group.

7 - Late Registrations. Some players join our club after grading has been completed. These players are then placed in teams where there is space, rather than playing ability. The following year, the player will be graded into their appropriate team

8 - Positioning. We want all of our teams to have shooters, defence and midcourters. Players may recognise throughout the year, that they are a stronger defence player than they are at a midcourt position. The following year, the player will trial in a different positioning, resulting in a shift of playing positions. 


Playing with Friends

We understand that some players only play netball to be with friends. Although we recommend against it, we allow players to submit a Playing with Friends Request. Players can only request to play with 1 or 2 friends. Unfortunately, no development or representative players can submit a playing with friends request. To submit a playingt with friends request, players need to email our club prior to grading day. If only one player submits the request, we will be unable to accommodate the request (both players MUST email the club).



Q. I thought Netball was about friendships and building team spirit?

A. Yes, Netball is a game based on team building and spirit. We create new teams and we encourage parents and players to accept their new teams. Each year, we change teams based on the above factors. We urge parents to understand that we don't remove one or two players, however, we create a whole new team each year.

Q. My daughter's team won the Grand Final in 2018. Why is the team mixed up in 2019?

A. When we grade our teams, we have to keep in mind how the St George Grading Committee will grade our teams. As mentioned above, there are 8 reasons why we are forced to mix up our teams. 

Q. Will the netball teams ever stay the same?

A. You will find that throughout the junior division, usually your daughter will be placed with at least 1 person she played with the previous year. Although, this is not always the case. When players reach the senior competition, generally we keep the same teams as they are organised by the players.

Q. How do you know my daughter will be better off in a newly formed team?

A. Based on experience, we find that players are happy to accept their team after their first training session and game. We ask that all parents support our decision and encourage their children to accept and have fun with their new team. 

Q. I am joining Titans Netball Club. Will I be disadvantaged when being placed in a team?

A. Every year we have many new players joining our club. Nobody is disadvantaged at grading day due to playing history.]