TEAMS 2019 


2019 Current Vacancies:

Net Set Go (6-8 Years): 4 spots left
9 years: 2 spots left
11/12 years: 1 spot left

Coaching Opportunities - 1 Position Available


We thank all of our lovely volunteers within our club. The club is run by VOLUNTEERS. This includes Committee Members, Coaches & Managers. Without the help of our AMAZING volunteers, Titans Netball Club would not exist today.


Teams are currently in the process of organising a suitable training day. 

All players must be extremely flexible when trying to establish a training day as there are 8-9 players placed in each team, and most players do multiple activities after school. All teams train at Olds Park, Penshurst for a minimum of 1 hour weekly.


Managers Required

Managers are responsible for collecting the score sheet prior to the game, checking off who will be taking the court in each game, scoring, returning the scoresheet back to the control room each game and will be the team contact person in regards to fundraising events. If you are interested in a manager role, please advise your coach. In 2019, it is compulsory for all Junior teams to have a Manager. A manager will also be responsible for attending one Managers Meeting which will be held late March.


 Before checking for your 2019 team, we want to remind players and parents, that the aim of grading is to ensure all players in all teams have an enjoyable and competitive season. We ask that parents encourage their children to make new friends and accept their team. From experience, after the first 3 weeks of training, players LOVE their new team. We just ask for supportive, encouraging parents & some patience!


We are also pleased to announce that all playing with friends request received prior to grading day were granted.



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