TEAMS 2019

Our Grading Day will be held on Saturday 16th February 2019. On this day we will see over 150 players. We are looking for volunteer umpires. If you are interested, please email us at


Registration is currently OPEN, which means we are accepting players of ALL ages and ability. If you know someone who may be interested, please let them know about our club.



(Early) March Meeting - Coaches Only (Team Lists and Team Kits will be provided)

(Late) March Meeting - Compulsory Managers Meeting (Team Photo ID will be provided + Uniforms distributed)

May Meeting - Compulsory Managers Meeting 

August Meeting - Compulsory Coaches AND Managers Meeting


In regards to TRAINING (Junior teams only)

Coaches have 7 days to contact players and organise the teams training once teams are released. All players must be extremely flexible when trying to establish a training day as there are 8-9 players placed in each team, and most players do multiple activities after school. All teams train at Olds Park, Penshurst for a minimum of 1 hour weekly.


Coaching and Managing positions available

We are looking for any Parents, Players (13 years and older), Older Siblings and Relatives who may be interested in coaching. Please email us at if you would like some more information. We are also looking for team managers. Managers are responsible for collecting the score sheet prior to the game, checking off who will be taking the court in each game, scoring, returning the scoresheet back to the control room each game and will be the team contact person in regards to fundraising events. If you are interested in a coaching or manager role, please email




7/8 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

9 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

10 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

11 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

12 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

13/14 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

15/16 YEARS - Check back after Grading Day

SENIORS - Check back after Registration has Closed