Question - What are the registration fees? Are there any other hidden fees? How much is the uniform? When do I pay?

Answer - Net Set Go (7-8 years) is $180. Juniors (9-16 years) is $215. Seniors (17 years+) is $235. All fees include umpiring fees (no separate payment involved). We do fundraising throughout the year (such as BBQ/Cake Stall) to help raise funds for our Presentation Day/Night. The only other fees involved is the compulsory netball dress. Our Uniform is $90, however usually lasts players 4-5 years, unless grown out of it earlier. We also have a second hand uniform pool, for those wishing to swap their size or purchase uniform cheaper. Registration Fees are due at the time of online registration. Uniform Payment is not due until you pick up your uniform, usually on your first game, so in late March. If you need to work out a payment plan, please contact the club.


Question - My daughter wants to play Netball but has never played before. How will this work out?

Answer -  We have many players new to our club every year who have never played netball. After the first few training sessions, players usually develop the skills required. Please don't hesitate to register your daughter in this case. We grade all players so they are with players on the same ability - i.e. If 8 players are turning 11 and 12, who have never played netball previously, we will put them in the same team to ensure all girls get the chance to develop.


Question - When does the season commence and finish?

Answer -  The first game of the 2019 Season is on Saturday 30th March and concludes on Saturday 10th August 2019. Teams who qualify for finals will play their semis on Saturday 17th August, Finals on Saturday 24th August and Grand Finals on Saturday 31st August.


Question - How long are the games?

Answer - Games are 4x 15 minute quarters, with 3-5 minute breaks between each quarter. Net Set Go (7-8 years) games are 4x 10 minute quarters with 3 minute breaks in between.


Question - When are the games?

Answer - Unlike other sports, Netball games are held at the same time every week and at the same location - West Botany Street Courts, Rockdale. Game times are set two weeks prior to the commencement of the season. Once St George allocates a time slot, the time slot will remain the same all year (excluding finals). Generally, 7- 10 years play at 9am, 11-12 years play at 9am or 10.30am, 13-14 years play at 10.30am or 12pm, 15-16 years play at 12pm or 1.30pm and Seniors play at 1.30pm and 3.00pm. 


Question - Is there Training, if so when is training?

Answer - All Net Set Go (7-8 years) and Junior Teams (9 - 16years) have weekly training which is held by the coach. All coaches have a working with Children Check. Training is held at Olds Park, Penshurst. When the team trains will depend on the coach/team location, availability and preference. Unfortunately, at the time of registration, we are not able to predict when coaches will hold their training session. When teams are formed, the coach will contact the 8-9 players and find a common, suitable training session. On the other hand, Senior Teams (17 years+) do not have weekly training sessions.


Question - How are teams made? 

Answer -  To ensure all players have fun and all Titans teams are competitive in their division, we grade our teams. Please read more information on our home page about grading. Our 2019 Grading Day is set for Saturday 16th February 2019.


Question - What do the registration fees include?

Answer - Registration fees include Registration with St George District Netball Association, Registration with Netball NSW, Physiotherapist/First aid at Rockdale Netball Courts on Saturday, playing and training equipment, Presentation Day Awards & Gifts, Umpiring Fees and insurance through St George District Netball NSW. Full Payment is due at time of registration. 


Question - My daughter wants to play with her friend. Is this possible?

Answer - We understand that some players only play netball for the social aspect. As such, we allow players to submit a Playing with friends request. Please check back on February 20th. A "Playing with Friends" request form will be uploaded.